Barbara Wildernboer South African photographer and sculptor was born 1973 in Pretoria. She obtained  a Masters in Fine Art (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town in 2007. Before that she completed a BA (Ed) with majors in English literature, Psychology and Pedagogics at the University of Pretoria in 1996 followed by a Bachelor of Visual Arts from UNISA. 

Wildenboer is a conceptualist using various photographic processes and techniques bringing across ideas of memory held and lost and the imprint of fleeting life recorded. Most of her works are combinations of mixed media with photography. She explores underlying notions of time and the paradoxical relationship between past and present states of being. Recently, her focus shifted to paper cutting and altered books. Through the process of altering books, she emphasizes our understanding of the abstract terms of science through metaphor, and the assumed authority of text.



How To Own Land
Morgan Farley

Find a spot and sit there
until the grass begins
to nose between your thighs.
Climb to the top
of a pine and drink
the wind’s green breath.
Track the stream through alder and scrub,
trade speech for that cold sweet babble.
Gather sticks and spin them into fire.
Watch the smoke spiral into darkness.
Dream that the animals find you.
They weave your hair into warm cloth,
string your teeth on necklaces,
wrap your skin soft around their feet.
Wake to the silence of your own scattered bones.
Watch them whiten in the sun.
When they have fallen to powder
and blown away,
the land will be yours.